"Toddy Time On One Brain Cell," a collection of twelve original tracks, showcases Pita Hall's eclectic tastes and versatile writing abilities. Covering the spectrum from rock to blues to country, this album features the tracks "Leave It Alone," "Every Little Thing," and "Best Damn Thing."

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Raised from a young age on country and gospel, Ken "Pita" Hall has always possessed a great love of music. However, his entire life changed the day he walked into a local record store and heard Led Zeppelin's Communication Breakdown for the first time. For him, it was that moment in life that you always remember as the moment when your eyes were opened for the first time...and you discovered your soul.

With deep respect for talented musicians in all genres, and an intense passion for Rock N' Roll, Pita Hall's range of musical creations spans the breadth and variety of his many influences. From classic country to soulful blues, South Carolina beach to Southern rock, Pita Hall's unique brand of musical genius is sure to inspire a little bit of that sweet sense of discovery in everyone.